Diseases of Attitude

Life has both positive and negative. Both are needed to help understand the other. How will we know what is positive without experiencing the negative? Although negative is part of life, it doesn’t mean we should dwell in it. Use that negative experience as follows: It is a time to learn, reflect, think, and strategize.

If one dwells in it too long, “stinking thinking” creeps in..

Burning Desire that Turns into Obsession: Neil Peart

The music of the legendary the rock band Rush resonates with millions. Fans, over the years, can connect to the deep lyrical meanings featured in their songs. Many of the songs feature philosophical themes. The man behind the lyrics, the late drummer Neil Peart. His drumming skills were beyond reproach.

Neil, not only was a successful musician with Rush, he also wrote many books; these books chronicled some of his adventures in his life. Being obsessed with developing a deeper understanding of various aspects of life, along with his intrepid drive for excellence, made him a legend in the music world. Rest In Peace, Neil.

Success Mindset: Kobe Bryant

As the world still mourns the loss of Kobe Bryant, his daughter, and the others who were onboard the Sikorsky helicopter, it is time to reflect on what made him successful. Kobe’s success, on the basketball court, is well documented: Five Championship rings, MVP, a Finals MVP, and so much more. What was the secret to his success? In this video clip, he discusses some of the things that made him a great basketball player, on of the best to ever play the game. Rest In Peace, Kobe.

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