New Study: Deferred Income Annuities Could Be Key to Retirement Security

The concept of an annuity is simply providing a lifetime income to the annuitant. It transfers the investment risk over to the insurance company. This is especially true for Fixed annuities.

Here is the introduction to the study:

The prospect of outliving retirement savings is a very real risk for many Baby Boomers and Gen Xers. Yet, only a very small percentage of defined contribution (DC) and individual retirement account (IRA) balances are annuitized — and a significant percentage of defined benefit (DB) accruals have been taken as lump-sum distributions when the option was available.

Some believe that cost is an issue: Deferred Income Annuities (DIAs) are designed to reduce the probability of outliving savings by providing monthly benefits in the later stages of retirement. Because of their delayed payments, DIAs could be offered for a small fraction of the cost for a similar monthly benefit through an annuity that starts payments immediately at retirement. Many believe that the lower cost would at least partially mitigate retirees’ reluctance to give up control over a large portion of their DC and/or IRA balances at retirement age.

The rest can be read here

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