Is Patrick Mahomes’ $500 million contract actually team-friendly? Answering eight questions on the Chiefs QB’s deal

Bill Barnwell ESPN Staff Writer

While there’s a huge total value on paper, the guarantees and the short-term cash flow of the deal don’t blow away the competition. So much of what makes this deal truly staggering doesn’t guarantee until 2026 or start arriving in Mahomes’ bank account until 2027, and by then, it might not be a stratospheric deal.

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Super Bowl Economics

The Super Bowl has become more than just a game, however. For decades, it has been the most-watched televised event in North America, routinely drawing audiences of more than 100 million viewers. Being at the Super Bowl is a sign of prestige, with attendees paying thousands of dollars for a single ticket. Companies pay millions to get a 30-second commercial before an audience. It’s the one event that celebrity performers line up to play—for free.

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