Inflation and the Ability to Expand the Money Supply

Featured here are two videos covering the topic of inflation. Inflation is the expansion of the money supply beyond the monetary base. Price inflation is a result stemming FROM the expansion of the money supply. Prices of goods and services, as it relates to the currency, rises. This means it takes more currency to buy those goods services. From this, we can conclude that the monetary unit is being debased.

The first video is narrated by Professor Milton Friedman explaining inflation:

The next video, featuring Professor Murray Rothbard, explains how the Federal Reserve expands the monetary base:

The Many Uses Developed From Silver

Discover the multitude of uses of Silver.

Many people see silver as a means to buy as a hedge against inflation. Historically, this has been the case, but moving forward there are many uses for this element.

This pie graph shows the breakdown of the various uses for Silver. Notice the fact that 35% of silver is used in electrical and electronics. With the push for Electric vehicles, and more digital based items such as smart phones, mobile devices, and etc, these things will increase the demand the use of silver. Even Non electric vehicles require silver to work with the computer systems in these vehicles.

As we move into the digital age(e.g Cryptocurrency protocols), the demand of silver will increase. For example, when crypto miners mine for more coins, they utilize high powered computers to execute this process. Those computers have components that contain silver.

Read more about the uses of silver here…

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